Trail – Orange River 4 Days

Orange River Rafting Trail – 4 Days Experience

Orange River Rafting Trail

The  4 Day Orange River Rafting Trail is the one for those wishing to really get away from it all and experience the trail to its fullest.

The San / Bushmen call it the Gariep River. Others call it the Orange River. 2250 km of wet snake slithering slowly to the Atlantic Ocean.

Our trip covers 55 km of one of Africa’s longest rivers, twisting and turning its way through the Richtersveld, one of South Africa’s most spectacular and remote areas.

Our Base Camp is situated right on the banks of the Orange River with green, shaded camp sites and clean ablution facilities.

There are no formal accommodation facilities. We sleep in tents, or, for the truly adventurous, underneath the African sky.

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What to expect on the Orange River Rafting Trail 4 days experience



Day 1

You, our Guest(s), will meet your Guides at base camp from 5 pm onward.

Dinner will be served around the campfire from 7 pm after which we will relax, meet fellow river trippers and overnight under the amazing African sky.

Orange River Rafting Trail meeting

Day 2

We wake up to coffee or tea and a hearty breakfast.

You will then be shown how to pack your gear onto the rafts. After a talk on safety and the environment, the guides will instruct you on how to paddle and control the two-man inflatable rafts.

Once we are ready, the group will set off on an unforgettable four-day river rafting experience.

At midday, we stop on the banks of the river for a nourishing lunch prepared by the river crew.

After lunch we make our way downstream to the overnight spot on the banks of the river, with probably an introduction to your first rapid, aptly named ‘Entrance Exam’.

While the river crew sets up camp for the evening and prepares snacks and dinner, you can relax with a sun-downer and mingle with your fellow rafters. Once we’ve had our fill, we relax around the campfire and, when we’re ready, fall into a deep, well-deserved sleep.

Orange River Rafting Trail on its way




Day 3

After another great outdoors breakfast, this day starts as a watery meander down twisting channels. We will have sufficient time to swim, relax and enjoy a couple of surprises along the way!

Orange River Rafting Trail down the river




Day 4

Bask in the vastness of the Orange River, while admiring the awesome rock formations and breath-taking scenery.

Prepare yourselves for our ‘last-night’ dinner extravaganza!

Orange River Rafting Trail scenery


Day 5

This morning we enjoy our final breakfast on the river and then make our way to the ‘take-out’ point from where we are transported back to base camp to head on home glowing with adventure and new friends.

Back at camp you can decide to stay another night (at own cost, not catered for) or start making your way back home.

Your guides,  who by now will be like family, we are very sure, will be reluctant to part ways with you too.

Orange River Rafting Trail calm


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