Orange River Trail Details


Need to know details for Orange River Trail

Orange River calm scenery

Additional information to be aware of, with regads to our Orange River tours and trails.


Parking for vehicles is provided at the camp. As we will be on a private farm in a remote area, your vehicle is probably safer here, than in any other part of South Africa.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee with 100% surety, with regards to vehicle safety.


We provide all river rafting gear which includes 2-man rafts (CROCs), paddles, life jackets, safety and rescue gear, medical kit, dry bags for packing personal items.

Our Guides

You are in good hands with our experienced and qualified River Guides. Having the backing of a top rate crew, you can relax and be sure that all will be well.


We provide three,” five star” safari-style meals per day, prepared by our river crew.

Our menu is designed to cater for a wide variety of tastes. For example, if you are not a meat eater, you can rest assured that more than enough other, delicious food will be available.

Special dietary requirements can be discussed.


Passports are essential as we will be traveling through Namibia at the end of the river trip, back to our Base camp. They will be a requirement for all who wish to participate in the Orange River trail.

. Please make sure that children have their own passports or that they are on the passport of one of their parents.

Please make sure that your travel documents are in order (Passports must be valid for six months or longer).

For all visa inquiries call the Department of Home Affairs in Windhoek, Namibia

Tel: 09264-61-2929111

Fax: 09264-61-22419

(South African citizens do not require visas).

Aquatrails will not accept any responsibility for any problems that may arise due incorrect travel documents.