River Rafting Trails

Aquatrails River Rafting Trails and Tours

River Rafting Trails and Tours, of Orange River and Breede River.

We offer assorted river rafting trails and tours at Aquatrails. In addition to our multi day trails,  we also do offer day trails too.

Among these, we have trails on both the Orange River as well as the Breede River.

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Day trails

Breede River


Multi day trails

Breede River 1.5 days

Breede River 2 days

Orange River 4 days


Tours are graded according to levels of difficulty and challenges presented.

Otherwise known as the International Scale of River Difficulty, they range from simple (Gr.1) to very dangerous and potential death or serious injuries (Gr.6).

Our Day Tours are graded as follows:

Breede River Day Tour (Worcester Section): Max Grade 1

Palmiet River Half Day Tour (Kleinmond Area): Max grade 3


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Gradings and standards